Flow rate measuring system

Advantages of introduction

Detection of appearance defects and judgment of maintenance timing

With a single sensor, it is possible to easily measure the flow front speed of the resin flowing in the mold regardless of the flow direction.

  • Effects assumed to be brought by the flow rate sensor

Measurement waveform

The measurement data can be displayed as a waveform on the dedicated measurement software, which allows you to grasp the flow front (front end) speed of the resin in the mold in real time. The product is expected to improve CAE (flow analysis) accuracy and can be utilized for prediction of mold maintenance timing by evaluating the air- or gas-bleeding effect, and for other usages.

Measurement principle

Visual light is radiated to a resin, and its reflected light is detected. After the reflected light is converted into electric signals by the preamplifier, the dedicated measurement software calculates the speed of the flow front.

Types of measurement amplifiers and sensors

  • Flow rate measurement amplifier MFS02

    • A single product can conduct simultaneous measurement at two channels.
    • The product can display the waveform in real time on PC, and save all the measurement waveforms in the PC. It is possible to check the measurement result history by tracking the data back from the point where you noticed the change.
  • Flow rate sensor SMF04.0×08.0×026

    • A single sensor can easily measure the flow rate regardless of the flow direction.
    • Its flush-mount shape has achieved a highly flexible installation position.

For detailed product information, download the material from the following link and check it.

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