In-mold resin temperature measuring system

EPT-001 resin temperature measuring amplifier

Q1. What’s the voltage output?

A1. A voltage of 1 V DC is output per 100°C.

Q2. From where is the voltage output?

A2. The voltage is output from the BNC terminal on the measuring amplifier unit. (A BNC voltage output cable, available separately, is required.)
(BNC voltage cable product code: EPT-VC01M, EPT-VC02M catalog page 42)

Resin temperature sensors

Q3. What’s the maximum pressure the sensors can withstand?

A3. Sensors can withstand up to 150 MPa.

Q4. How strong is the sensor cable attachment base?

A4. The maximum tensile force that can be applied to the cable in a vertical direction (direction A in the figure below) before it fails is 10 kg.

Q5. Can the profile of the pin tip be machined?

A5. The profile cannot be machined. Glass fiber is embedded inside the sensor all the way to the pin tip. Additionally, note that the sensor cannot be machined after delivery.

Q6. How can I check whether a sensor is functioning correctly?

A6. If the sensor is broken, no light will be visible from the pin tip. Determining whether measurements are correct requires sending the sensor to Futaba to check the output. (Recalibration will be performed for a fee.)

Q7. Can the cable be extended?

A7. The cable cannot be extended. Choose the correct cable length at the time of purchase.

Q8. Does the measured temperature vary depending on resin color?

A8. The measurement location (along the axis of thickness) will vary depending on the resin material. Generally, temperatures are measured at the resin surface for black resin and at a certain depth inside the resin along the axis of thickness for all other colors.

Q9. Is it possible to measure the nozzle temperature?

A9.No. It is not possible to measure nozzle temperatures. The sensors are designed for measuring resin temperatures inside the mold.

Q10. Can I view waveforms on the molding machine monitor?

A10. Yes.Waveforms can be displayed if the molding machine has an interface for inputting an analog voltage and can display these values on the monitor.

Frequently asked questions

Q11. The sensor cable broke.

A11. Broken sensor cables cannot be repaired.

Q12. I did something that crushed the sensor connector.

A12. This can be repaired for a fee. (Contact your nearest Futaba sales office.).


Q13. Are instruction manuals available in other languages?

A13. An English language instruction manual is available. Instruction manuals in other languages are planned for the future.

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