System to measure the behavior of resin in injection molding mold

MOLD MARSHALLING SYSTEM is a measurement system for injection molding that converts the behavior of the resin in the mold, which has conventionally been a black box, into a signal or voltage and outputs it in real time with waveforms to a PC or various measurement instruments by means of a sensor and a dedicated amplifier installed inside the mold.


01 Judges the injection molding quality by waveform.

By setting an alarm monitoring zone to the waveform generated with good product quality, it is possible to detect molding defects such as short shot and overpack. By outputting alarm signals to an external device, it is also possible to automatically sort defective products.

02 Digitalizes engineers’ hunches and knacks.

MOLD MARSHALLING SYSTEM can quantitatively analyze the hunches and knacks, for which engineers have been conventionally relied upon, by digitalizing it. It is possible to measure major injection molding items, such as in-mold pressure, resin temperature, mold temperature, and flow rate.

03 Reproduces the “made-in-Japan” quality even in overseas production.

By setting the molding conditions in such a way that the measurement waveform overlaps with the waveform generated with good product quality, it is possible to perform injection with the same quality even in a different environment (machine, factory, country, etc.).

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