Flow front detection system

Q1. What are possible applications of this system?

A1. The system can be set to issue a signal on detecting the molten resin flow front. This can be used to control the machine.

Q2. Is it impossible to detect the flow front if the molten resin temperature is too low?

A2. We assume molten resin at temperatures of 160°C or higher for ease of threshold setting.

Q3. Is flow front detection affected by the presence of filler or product plate thickness in the same way as flow rate detection?

A3. The flow front is detected using infrared emitted by the molten resin. This is unaffected by the presence of filler or product plate thickness.

Q4. How can I set threshold values?

A4. Shown below is “Operation signal diagram” from the instruction manual. The comparison voltage (threshold voltage in the figure) can be moved up or down to adjust the timing for outputting the comparison (control) signal.

Q5. What sensors are used?

A5. We use resin temperature sensors. However, because resin temperature cannot be measured, these are listed as flow front detection sensors ( pages 92 and 94 in the front detection sensor catalog).

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